Torrent Technologies provides consulting and products in virtually all areas of
telecommunications – everything you need to support your business

All the carriers we work with have been screened not only for price, but more
importantly for quality, service and commitment to customer satisfaction. We
emphasize facts and offer help to consumers with any type of communications
dilemma. Providers quality changes from year to year – we continually
analyze and review quality & customer service.

Torrent Technologies provides a wide range of telecommunications consulting
services such as telecom audits, present situation analysis and strategic plan
development for small, medium and large businesses, local and world wide.

At Torrent Technologies, we work hard to keep each of our customers
informed of changes in the fast-paced telecom market. We strive to make sure
that each of our customers are on the best platform and carrier for their
needs. Don’t accept anything less!

If you have any questions or needs that are not directly addressed on this
website, please call us at  612-424-6412 or e-mail us and you will receive a
prompt reply.

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